Hello and welcome to my studio. My name is Connie Berglund. I live with my husband on a 64-acre ranch in Pine Valley, California, about one hour from downtown San Diego. My hobbies are reading, horseback riding and working on arts and crafts projects. I have been “crafting” since age 10 when a friend of the family taught me how to knit a belt with rainbow variegated yarn. I only made one because it was incredibly boring. My mother taught me to crochet and embroider and sew, giving me a good start at creating art and useful items with my hands.

I also loved to write and went on to obtain a degree in Journalism and a technical writing career. All the while I was studying and working, I continued to find enjoyment and balance working with artistic media in my spare time. Graced with a love of learning, I have acquired skills in many arts and crafts including quilting, knitting, beading and glass fusing. I usually learn new techniques from books, magazines, friends, and classes. Many years ago, my husband and I took stained glass classes at Blue Dolphin, a wonderful stained glass business in San Diego. I continue to take fused glass workshops whenever they are offered at Blue Dolphin.

A friend inspired me to go further into knitting to create my own designs using the Elizabeth Zimmerman percentage system. It is challenging and interesting to learn a new technique such as sock making and lace knitting. I have made some lovely scarves using beautiful yarns and have recently added them to the site in the Needlework page.

I took up beading about nine years ago, beginning with loom beading. A friend introduced me to the peyote, brick and square stitches and their use in making earrings. I’ve used these stitches, along with other techniques to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings. There are so many different off-loom stitches: the spiral stitch, netting, right-angle weave, triangle weave, daisy chain, ladder stitch, and herringbone stitch to name a few. Many of these stitches are used in the products on this site. On a trip to Port Townsend, Washington, I, of course, stopped in a local bead store and was admiring a pendant the store clerk was wearing. She showed me how to make a peyote stitch bevel that holds a cabochon without any fabric backing needed. I bought a beautiful stone and went home to practice the technique. Take a look at the Port Townsend necklace and the Beveled Carnelian Cabochon.

String beading is another technique that presents the opportunity for unlimited creativity. At times I will buy a kit just to learn a special beading technique. This is how I learned to make a beaded bead. You’ll find a number of necklaces incorporating beaded beads I designed with my computer. I confess to being a techo-nerd. I love computers and other technology. I use a PC with Windows 7 as well as an iMac and MacBook Pro. I use a variety of software including Photoshop, RapidWeaver, and beading software.

My most recent adventure is making fused glass jewelry and glass art. I took a class about 5 years ago and started making pendants using a microwave kiln. After my husband gave me a gift of a large glass kiln, my glass fusing really took off. I am still learning different techniques in this rapidly developing field.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Sandy Creek Designs. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email at

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